Imagination. Great conversation. Fun. We know we can bring these elements to your occasion because we bring them to our office every day. Our team is made up of passionate designers, craftspeople and professionals who understand the difference between creating a great design, and creating a great design for you.  We seek people who can conceptualize the big ideas and deliver the small details. We believe that talent is just as important as listening. We know that every piece we produce will live forever in someone’s memory, and we consider that an honor. And at the end of the day, our work isn’t over until someone else feels at play. We love our jobs, and we know you’ll love our work.


Mircea Manea

A designer and world traveler, Mircea offers both knowledge and inspiration to Blueprint Studios. Mircea applies his international education and eclectic experiences to create unique and contemporary designs. A founding member of the company, he employs the skills he acquired during his tenure in the corporate travel and product marketing industries to truly understanding what the client desires, realizing their vision and delivering a strong message. With a BA in International Business from his native Romania, and years of experience in the event design industry, Mircea has mastered the art of blending entrepreneurial zeal with his passion for emerging design trends.

Paul Moss

With years of experience producing big events and managing tight deadlines, Paul leads our team from passionate idea to practical delivery. Building upon his 14 years of experience as Director of Catering for luxury hotels the Fairmont San Francisco and the Regent Las Vegas, Paul went on to design and launch a successful restaurant of his own. Paul directs our company with enterprising design and entrepreneurial savvy. A founding member of Blueprint Studios, he puts his numerous talents to work in operations, design and management. Paul holds a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration.